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A few FAQs

  • What are your trading hours?

    Tow operates 24/7/365. We will tow you anytime day or night, QLD wide, and our 24 hour call-centre is on hand at all times to handle your enquiries.

  • Do you accept cash payment?

    For the security of our customers and drivers we do not accept cash payment for jobs. All towing jobs must be prepaid at time of booking via a credit or debit card.

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Need a Tow Truck?

If you find yourself with your car unexpectedly broken down, you’ll need a reliable and efficient towing service to come and safely move your vehicle for you. has a huge fleet of tow trucks and expertly trained and licensed sub-contractors who can be at your location anywhere in Queensland, whenever you need us. On average someone from our fleet of Tow truck professionals can be with you within the hour.

We know you can’t always be prepared for an emergency situation, and if your car suddenly breaks down in the middle of a busy highway or you have an accident, you will want a service that is as readily available as possible. We make sure a tow truck is always on hand to come to your rescue.

Our towing service is:

  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round. We know a breakdown can happen at any time so we have a 24 hour call centre on hand to get you the help you need at any time, day or night.
  • Queensland-wide. We cover the entire state, and can tow your vehicle any distance.
  • Fast. We can reach most areas in Queensland within 60 minutes, and can generally reach metro areas in 30 minutes or less.
  • Reliable. Our drivers are all fully licensed, trained and insured, and our fleet of tow trucks is always kept in top condition.

Why Choose a Professional from TOW:

  • We have a large fleet of tow trucks at depots all across Queensland. That means no matter when or where you need a tow truck, we will have one available to send to you straight away.
  • Our drivers are all fully certified and trained. You can trust our tow truck drivers are qualified and experienced to transfer you and your vehicle safely to the destination.
  • Using inexpert towing companies puts you and your vehicle in danger. Our professionalism and experience will give you peace of mind that you’re dealing with a reputable and trustworthy towing company.
  • Improper towing can cost you more in fines than a tow truck. Don’t take the risk – use a reliable and properly trained tow truck driver from TOW.

Our Fleet and Depot

We currently have 268 tow trucks in our fleet at more than 70 secure tow yards and depots across Queensland, ensuring a quick response time to your call no matter the time of day or your location. There will always be a tow truck available near you, whether you’ve broken down in the middle of the CBD at rush hour, or a country road in central Queensland in the early hours of the morning.

If you call a towing service to come collect your broken down car, you’ll want it to be reliable and to get you and your vehicle off the road safely. For this reason, we work with only trusted vehicle makes and models that have a high reputation for quality and performance, including Volvo, Nissan, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Mercedes-Benz and many more. All our tow trucks are regularly serviced and maintained to ensure they are always operating at their best.

Our Drivers and Sub-Contractors are Fully Licensed and Insured

TOW makes sure that your vehicle is always in the best hands possible. All our Tow truck drivers and sub-contractors are required to hold a tow truck certificate in order to have the authority to drive and operate a tow truck in Queensland, which guarantees that you and your vehicle will always be in safe and qualified hands. All of our drivers are fully trained and understand the regulations of the Tow Truck Act (1973), which sets the standards and controls the towing of damaged vehicles from any scene of an incident, and the handling and storage of the vehicles afterwards. The knowledge and skills of our tow truck drivers ensures that you get the best service possible, every time.

We also make sure that all our drivers and sub-contractors are appropriately licensed and authorised to drive and operate our tow trucks, because they can be very difficult vehicles to control if you are not properly trained. This also includes the ability to prepare your vehicle for towing, and to clean up the scene of the incident safely and effectively.

You can find more information about Queensland’s tow truck licensing scheme and the requirements for tow truck drivers at the Queensland Government’s Department of Main Roads website.

The Dangers of Getting Towed By Inexperienced Towing Companies

Towing a vehicle comes with risks, which is why you should always ensure your tow truck driver is fully trained and certified to tow your vehicle safely. With TOW you are guaranteed that all our drivers and sub-contractors have the knowledge and training to properly prepare your car for towing and get it to your destination safely and efficiently.

You may think you can save yourself some money by hiring a tow truck from a cut-price towing company, but you should be aware that when it comes to towing quality is important. Dirt cheap and less skilled towing companies generally will have staff who are insufficiently trained in the correct and safest procedures for towing. This can be extremely dangerous for your vehicle and can potentially lead to serious injury to yourself or another person, or significant damage to your vehicle or other property.

Hiring a professional can save you more money in the long run because if something does go wrong, your insurance company is unlikely to cover you for the damage caused by a dodgy tow job.

Unprofessional towing equipment can lead to serious problems on the road. Our tow truck drivers use high quality equipment that will correctly match the size and weight of your vehicle to ensure a safe drive. Trying to pull a load that is heavier than the safe limit, or that doesn’t fit together correctly with the towing vehicle, can significantly increase the risk of accidents on the road or damage to your vehicle.

Tow ropes or straps are not suitable for towing your vehicle over long distances, as they can easily fray and snap while you’re driving and cause very serious damage. If your tow truck driver is using a tow rope or strap you should stop them immediately and call in the services of a properly qualified towing company. All our professional tow truck drivers are supplied with a proper towing vehicle and all the necessary equipment to do the job correctly and safely.

Low visibility comes with towing vehicles on the road as a lot of your rear view and side view mirrors will be obstructed with the vehicle you are towing. Unless you are properly trained in handling a tow truck it will be a very difficult task for you to manoeuvre your vehicle on the road with such limited visibility. This will affect even the most basic driving moves, such as reversing, turning and changing lanes.

Our tow trucks are all built in with towing mirrors which either replace or extend the existing side view mirrors, to allow our drivers to get a better view of the road and see traffic approaching from the side or rear. This makes them better equipped to handle traffic and road manoeuvres.

Handling the vehicle on the road is much more difficult when you are towing another vehicle behind it. There are a lot of additional complications that come with even the simplest drive, which is why a properly trained tow truck driver is absolutely necessary to operate the tow truck and navigate the roads safely.

When you are towing, the tow truck has a lot more mass which means it has more momentum and inertia than normal and the driver will have to handle it differently to a regular truck while they’re driving. An inexperienced tow truck operator may find it very difficult to handle this extra momentum, because it takes a lot more energy and skill to stop and start.

Acceleration is much harder when towing a vehicle, it takes more time to build up speed. Merging onto a road or highway, or passing another vehicle, requires a strong focus and a steady hand, as well as always remembering the added length of the towed vehicle behind you. The driver’s speed needs to be carefully maintained, as driving too fast can damage both the vehicle they’re driving and the vehicle they’re towing. And turning needs to be done with extra care as well, as taking turns too fast can put a strain on the towing equipment and cause the vehicle to sway.

Braking can also cause problems if not done correctly. The extra mass to the tow truck means the driver needs more space, time and distance to come to a stop and if they are not properly trained in safe braking procedures they can cause serious accidents with other drivers on the road. Braking too fast can lead to jack-knifing or skidding, and applying too much pressure can wear them out or overheat them and make them less effective.

Incapable towing vehicles that aren’t exclusively designed for towing will put your vehicle at serious risk of damage or accidents. Our tow trucks are all specifically intended for the job of safely towing your vehicle, with their suspension, brake system, engine and transmission able to properly handle the strain and mass of the added vehicle.

Balancing the load on the tow truck is another important aspect of preparing to tow a vehicle, which our drivers are trained in doing correctly. Improper balancing procedures can lead to the vehicle swaying and fishtailing while driving, or potentially damaging some of its internal parts. Incorrect weight distribution can make turning a serious problem, and could result in overturning the vehicle.

Maximum Regulated Towing Charges

We pride ourselves on always operating legitimately and honestly, and providing you with a fair price for our towing services, every time. The maximum towing charges for hiring a tow truck are legally regulated and maintained in the Tow Truck Regulation Act (2009), and you should make sure that you are aware of these maximum fees whenever you hire a tow truck so that you aren’t overcharged by noncompliant towing companies.

The maximum fees for towing your vehicle in regulated areas are:

  • $314.75 for the first 50km, and then
  • $6.25 for every kilometre over 50km

With TOW you can be certain that you’re always getting the best and fairest price. We provide a superior service each and every time, with your safety and convenience always as the highest priority.

If you do think you have been overcharged by a towing company for their services, you should file a formal complaint with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

Penalties for Improper Towing

In addition to all the potential dangers of having your vehicle towed by a driver without the proper skills and training, there are also legal penalties for putting other drivers at risk with unqualified tow truck operators. These penalties are far more costly in time, money and stress than just paying a fair price for our professional towing services, which will guarantee you a safe and expert tow every time.

You can view the complete regulations at Queensland Transport’s legislation for Transport Operations (Road Use Management—Road Rules) Regulation 2009, but the main points relevant to towing and driving tow trucks are below.

294 Keeping control of a vehicle being towed

The driver of a motor vehicle must not tow another motor vehicle unless:

  • (a) Either:
    • (i) The driver can control the movement of the towed vehicle; or
    • (ii) The brakes and steering of the towed vehicle are in working order and a person who is licensed to drive the towed vehicle is sitting in the driver’s seat of the towed vehicle, and is in control of its brakes and steering; and
  • (b) It is safe to tow the towed vehicle

The maximum penalty for breaching this legislation is 20 penalty units.

297 Driver to have proper control of a vehicle

A driver must not drive a vehicle unless the driver has proper control of the vehicle.

The maximum penalty for breaching this legislation is 20 penalty units.

Arrive safely at your destination with our drivers and sub-contractors who are all fully trained and certified to drive tow trucks and tow your vehicle safely and efficiently. We abide by all relevant Queensland legislation, and have the skills and training to correctly load and tow your vehicle to your destination without putting you, your vehicle or other drivers on the road at risk. Safety is our number one priority and we are fully insured to make sure your vehicle is always under protection.

So if you find yourself broken down by the side of the road, TOW can come to your rescue straight away with our fleet of safe and reliable tow trucks and professionally certified drivers.